Jun 11, 2018

Saskatoon Pet Friendly Hotels: 4 Tips to Look After Fido's Health on the Road

Bring Fido along for the ride when you stay at Saskatoon pet friendly hotels.

Bring Fido along for the ride when you stay at Saskatoon pet friendly hotels.

A road trip is one thing when travelling with kids, but what if you have your family pet along for the ride? Unlike our children, pets cannot completely convey when they are tired, hungry, or overheated.

With the hazy days of summer just on the horizon, those of us planning to hit the road or fly with our dogs or cats will want to plan ahead and bring along items to keep our pets healthy and happy.

And if you’re planning a visit to Saskatoon, or are travelling through the city, make sure to book into Saskatoon pet friendly hotels.

1. Pack for Your Pet 

When packing for a summer trip, we human usually have our essentials: socks, underwear, toothbrush, sunscreen, bathing suit (especially if we are planning to stay in Saskatoon hotels with indoor pools), but what about our pets?

While our four-legged friends don’t require that much, there are a few things you should consider bringing along. They include a:

  • Secure carrier, crate or bed large enough for your pet to lie down comfortably
  • Blanket and absorbent bedding material
  • Leash and harness
  • Collar with your pet’s identity and contact information
  • Enough water and food to last the day(s) of your journey
  • Food and water containers
  • Bags for waste disposal
  • Bone, chew toy, ball or Frisbee
  • First aid kit with antibiotic cream, anti-nausea medication, etc.

2. Stop and let Fido Smell the Flowers

If you are driving to your hotel in Saskatoon, it’s important to make those important pit stops to stretch both you and your pet’s legs. Allow enough time for them to sniff around, mark their territory, and relieve their bladders or bowels.

If you are planning to park for any length of time to go shopping or to pump gas, make sure you do not leave your pet unattended. Even when windows are left open, the heat inside a vehicle can cause your pet to overheat and dehydrate. You can also be fined under provincial laws for animal protection and welfare.

3. Make the Flight Comfortable 

If you are planning to fly with your pet, make sure to first check with the airline carrier to see what is needed. You may require health certificates and will definitely need a crate or some sort of container to transport your pet.

Well-known dog expert Cesar Milan recommends pet owners walk their dog just before checking in for their flight, and not feeding them in case of motion sickness.

Instead of using sleeping aids or anti-anxiety medications to keep you pet calm, try rubbing lavender oil on your hands and give your pet a relaxing massage before travel.  And pack a favourite toy or blanket with your pet to be placed in its carrier.

4. Look for Pet Friendly Hotels Close to Saskatoon Airport 

When arriving in Saskatoon by plane, make the journey short for your pet by booking Saskatoon airport hotels that offer pet friendly rooms.

The Comfort Suites is one of the dog friendly hotels in Saskatoon that is conveniently located near Saskatoon’s airport and is also one of the hotels by SaskTel Centre.

Looking for a great place for you and your pet to visit while in Saskatoon? Read our blog: Enjoy These Dog Adventures from Your Pet Friendly Hotels in Saskatoon.

The Comfort Suites Saskatoon pet friendly hotel offers the kind of amenities that will make you and your pet’s stay that much more convenient and comfortable. Enjoy a gift bag that comes with treats, waste bags, a guide to local dog parks, and more when you check in.